Our guest speaking services are available for all; we are glad to speak at:

  • Conferences
  • Retreats
  • Team Meetings
  • and more

Are you ready to get your next engagement started on the right foot? Give Meyers Emergency Management a call and make sure your next event is one that won't be easily forgotten!

Learning Through Guest Speaking

It's about retention. Studies have proven that guest speakers that closely align themselves with company goals have the ability to reach your audience better. Our speaking services are designed to do just that. We capture and engage your audience to provide better adherence to policies and procedures during emergencies.

What Does A Good Speaker Do?

A good speaker knows the subject matter. As you know by now, emergency management is our thing. Here's how we engage your audience:

  • Deliver a message that resonates with your audience. I.E., how can following and knowing emergency procedures benefit them?
  • Active engagement during our presentation. We take the boring parts out. We encourage questions and real talk during the process.
  • Demonstrations are a must. We involve your team throughout the process.

Looking For a Persuasive Way To Convey Your Message?

Get in touch! Having a guest speaker is a memorable way to kick off your program's onboarding progress. At Meyers Emergency Management, we make the process fun, entertaining, and painless. Our passion for our processes shines through in our presentations.