Individuals & Families

Protecting You & Your Loved Ones

Your family means the world to you. Additionally, your health, finances, and well-being are things your family count on as well. If you or your family were unfortunate enough to experience an emergency or a disaster, would you be ready? Check out these thought points:

  • Would I be financially stable if I had to miss work?
  • Where would we go if we lost our home?
  • Where would we go during a disaster?
  • If food or water isn't available, what would we do?
  • What do we do if we lose power for an extended period of time?

An astounding number of people openly admit that they are not ready or only partially ready for emergencies. It's not for lack of forethought or effort though. When you delve into the unknown, the amount of planning and knowledge required to prepare properly is absolutely astronomical. There are many factors to consider, and it's easy to forget or even bypass things that you might not deem necessary.

How Meyers Emergency Management Can Help

Services That Prepare You For Anything

That's where we come in. Using our years of experience, we help you build a proper plan that is built for you, your family, and your unique circumstances. Here's how we do it:

  • Review Your Hazard Vulnerability Assessment: We take a comprehensive look at what hazards or disasters you or your family are most likely to face. We highlight changes that need to be made, like meeting points, generators, communication plans, and more.
  • Setup Special Accommodations For Those With Disabilities: For those with disabilities, access, and functional needs or DAFN for short, we have you covered. We ensure you are ready by making certain you are registered with your local electric provider and your local emergency management agency. Additionally, we look at your medical documentation and make sure it is prepared and accessible to those who may need it. We also build a proper evacuation plan that is centered around your needs.
  • Families With Children: We make sure you know how to handle a disaster properly when you have a family. We help you learn how to educate and prepare your children and go over resources that are out there to help you in your endeavors.


Products For Disaster

Meyers Emergency Management Has Products To Help

Our products are designed to coincide with our emergency plans. We have a wide range of emergency-related products intended for individuals and families.

One great example is something that we lovingly call "The Big Purple Prep Barrel." It is specifically designed to sustain individuals and families during a disaster.

The Big Purple Prep Barrel, as the name implies, is a large barrel filled with disaster-related supplies. It has enough food, water, and supplies to last a family of six for three days. Plan accordingly!

If you want to learn more about our products, click the link here