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When you think of consulting services, what comes to mind? Whatever you just thought of, erase it. At Meyers Emergency Management, we approach consulting differently. Our one-on-one approach is designed with your unique needs in mind. We take your potential problems and apply solutions that go beyond a simplistic service-based approach. Our consultants provide you with real-world solutions and the products you need to implement them within your organization, community, or household. Small or large, we have the prowess to help you meet local mandates, codes, and personal goals.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Regardless of your situation, training and preparing is a necessity. At Meyers Emergency Management, we are experts at ensuring you, your family, or organization or company is prepared for any and everything. A key factor to total preparedness are our exercise programs. We take the time to ensure your plans are correctly implemented now and for the future. How do we do that? By placing your current emergency management program under stress, recording it’s successes and failures and acting as your guide to help you improve your program. Keep your entire program future-proof with our onsite or remote guidance. We are here to help.

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Learning Through Instruction

Expert instruction derived from years of experience. At least that's how we explain it. All jokes aside, at Meyers Emergency Management, we are here to help you achieve full compliance and adoption of our services. Speaking is a fantastic tool that we have found to be very successful when onboarding or adopting new programs. Every facet of your plan must be properly portrayed in the correct way to your audience. Utilize our speaking services, and we will ensure the message gets across the way it should.

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products & supplies

At Meyers Emergency Management, we strive to offer all-encompassing solutions. Our goal is to step outside the norm by providing the recommended products that coincide directly with our services. We take it one step further by allowing you to order those products on our website - easily and effectively. Let's put some perspective on this. You've just "implemented" a new emergency plan. Now you have to go to multiple vendors looking for products. Maybe you can't find something, and ordering through various vendors is a huge hassle. We take the headache out of it all. No searching, no muss, and no fuss. Just a superior solution.

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