Health Care

Services & Products To Ensure Health And Wellbeing After Emergencies

After emergencies and disaster, what's your first step? Survival starts with food and water. At Meyers Emergency Management, we can help you before, during, and even after a crisis with our sustenance based solutions.

Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water

Boasting a fifty-year shelf life, Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water is perfect for emergency and disaster planning. You'll have peace of mind knowing hydration won't be an issue if a disaster leaves you without water in the future. Even during an emergency, Blue Can Emergency Drinking Water can be ordered by the pallet and delivered to your location.

Meals For All

Meals That Last A Decade

Meals for all is more than food. It's a food program that's designed by registered dieticians, fits multiple dietary needs, and has a shelf life of ten years. It's easy to prepare and can be ordered in bulk, making it the obvious nutritional choice for your planning endeavors. We can also meet specific dietary needs and restrictions when ordering. Meals For All is genuinely a custom-tailored and long-lasting option. 

Helping With Your Accreditation

Ready To Be Accredited Or Renew Your Accreditation? We Can Help With That.

 It's time to take your program to the next level. How do you do that? Leverage us and our resources as a way to go from "good" to "great." When the time comes, you'll be sure to impress. Regardless of your requirements, jurisdiction, or any other circumstances, we guarantee your success.

Emergency Management On Demand

Short-staffed or unable to keep up with your situations evolving needs? Our Emergency Management On-Demand is exactly what you need. We have the ability to help you get past staffing shortages during times of need. Contact us today to learn more.

We Are Your Guide During Disaster

No matter how large or small you may be, one truth remains. As a healthcare facility or provider, many people are reliant on you during disasters and emergencies. At Meyers Emergency Management, we understand your impactful role and the importance it plays. We know how vital preparation is and we are ready to help.