At Meyers Emergency Management (MEM) we live and breathe disaster science. Each consultant is able to demonstrate four key qualities to our clients: experience, dedication, leadership, and creativity. MEM prides itself on not being your average consulting firm. We push the limits of emergency and disaster management, constantly creating solutions that break tradition and forces positive change within the disciplines of emergency and disaster management.

MEM is a young firm, with highly experienced and learned consultants available for our clients. This unique combination of applied and academic experience poises MEM to compete with some of the largest, most well known firms in the United States. Our founder has a vision for MEM, that we will never give our clients generic, standardized products and services. All of our clients have an interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals at their disposal.

While other firms seek high-dollar long-term contracts, MEM understands that our clients often have dwindling budgets, and want to increase their bottom-line. Our credo resiliency within reach is rooted deep within both our founder’s core values, as well as within the core values of each of our consultants. Our mission is to design an emergency management program that is sustainable by our clients, without the need for high-dollar investments over a multi-year term.

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Meet Patrick

Founder & CEO

After fifteen years of field experience between the fire service and emergency medical services, Patrick decided to pursue emergency management experience. Patrick has served communities all across New York State, from the most rural areas, impoverished communities, and even the streets of New York City. Throughout the years he has come to understand the economic and social disparities that exist. After a three year term in healthcare emergency management at Greater New York Hospital Association, Patrick decided it was time for a change in emergency management – and so Meyers Emergency Management was born!

Patrick prides himself on fostering creativity within the emergency management discipline. Each of our clients and consultants have heard some variation of the following quote: “Standard, expensive and boring solutions are not in our menu of offerings. Nor are solutions that are so complex and specific that they cannot be implemented or maintained by our clients. Each client is unique, therefore each solution is unique. Resiliency is achievable, our clients simply need a consulting firm who is creative enough to cultivate it, not by introducing something new, but using the clients existing resources and infrastructure. The ‘new’ should be the garnish, not the entrée.“